Tati | 1998 | Gemini | She/Her

Self portrait for the #toonme challenge

Tati | 1998 | Gemini | She/Her

Hi :) My name’s Tatiana Luna but I go by Tati MoonS. I’m a digital artist or whatever my job is

I’m currently working on random stuff. I’ve completed the Western Zodiac series, the Chinese Zodiac series and the Four Elements series. Can’t wait to say the same with the Planets series. Thank you all of you who have supported my work during these past years <3


Yes I’m self taught, I’m learning everything from Youtube videos, tutorials to time lapses, and watching other artists’ artworks, trying to learn how they paint. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to art school! It was just not for me

I use a Wacom Intuos Art and Paint Tool Sai 2. Brushes are the default ones

Yes! It helped me a lot to understand anatomy.

Now I use them as a guide and never as something I have to copy, but back in the day I used to do side-by-side paintings (reference on the right, my painting on the left) and use small grids so I made sure my art looked exactly like my ref. That took away lots of freedom so now I hardly do that anymore, but I really recommend the technique if you’re struggling, as it has really helped me.

I sketch with a pen on a notebook whenever I have a new idea. If I like it, then I would take my tablet and start sketching digitally. I just block my idea very roughly and start coloring and shading right after I have something visible. I do not follow any particular order tbh, I just go with the flow if that makes any sense.

It’s hard to explain my process so here I attach a .gif (sorry for the quality tho) of a step-by-step images extracted from one of my Patreon rewards (they got all the 73 HD process images. Patreon is closed). Hope I can bring videos soon! I have sometimes visible layers over the good ones and stuff but I hope this is as clear as possible!